Persimmon Pie Time

It has been cooler this week. Sunday started out at about 42° and the high in the afternoon was about 65°. Beautiful weather of the sort that used to make my father say, “Give me another 365 just like it.”

There is a little red across the ridge from our place, with the dogwoods beginning to change. There are some yellows coming, too. It’s still too early to say when the leaves will peak, but there’s a good chance it will be earlier than normal this year.

Ripe persimmons are beginning to fall, so those of you who like persimmon pudding need to get on the ball. I used to believe that you had to wait until the first frost, but I’m over that idea now. The most important thing is to gather them when they fall. If you succumb to the temptation to shake the tree, then you need to leave them ripen until they are ready, because it doesn’t take many sour ones to ruin a batch.

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