Perseid Peak Tomorrow, Hemlock Clinic

The best meteor shower this year is supposed to be the Perseids, happening now, and predicted to peak tomorrow night/Friday morning, just after midnight. While this is usually one of the best shows in the sky, the prediction for tomorrow night is for an outburst that may yield as many as 200 meteors per hour. It will taper off for the next few nights, but should still be good. What you want is a view of the northeast sky. The problem lately is that it’s been overcast, but there’s some hope it won’t be too bad tomorrow night.

Here’s a link to a piece in the Earth Sky News. By the way, they have a very helpful daily email on what’s happening in the skies that you can sign up for on their website.

Meteor shower guide 2024: Up next the April Lyrids

Save Georgia’s Hemlocks is having a hemlock clinic Saturday, August 27, at the Chamber of Commerce. That’s up behind the CVS, just off Hwy 515, near the Ingles. The way it works is that at 10:00 there’s a Hemlock Help Clinic. It covers the basics, and allows property owners to evaluate their situation and decide on whether they want to treat themselves, or hire a professional. Then at 11:00, Facilitator Training starts and runs until 3:00. This is more in depth training for those who either want to know more, or who want to help as facilitators. These are the folks who go out and evaluate problems in response to requests from property owners, and assist with the various educational events and field treatments. You have to sign up, so they know how many people to expect and how much handout material to bring.

Flyer – Facilitator Training & Project – Blue Ridge 8-27-16

It’s very worthwhile training, especially from a real estate point of view. First, it’s a whole lot cheaper to treat them than to cut them down and haul them away. Or even just to cut them down. And it preserves the value of your property.


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