Notes on the Progress of Spring

We’ve had about three perfect spring days in a row, with temperatures on the deck a little over 70. Last night, the sunset was so beautiful that we couldn’t tear ourselves away to make dinner, watching the colors change behind the canopy of bare trees.

The pastures have greened up nicely. The redbuds are either out, or starting to come out. Our young red buckeye has leafed out, but hasn’t flowered yet. (It’s a native, but not to our yard. We got it at the Master Gardener’s plant sale last May.) We’re on the north side of our ridge, and that makes a difference. There’s definitely more in bloom in the middle ¬†of the ridge and on the southern facing slopes. I haven’t seen any native wildflowers yet, but there must be some, as my friend in northern Indiana says that Harbinger of Spring bloomed there yesterday.

There’s some pollen showing up on the truck, but it hasn’t gotten bad yet, so as far as I’m concerned, the next couple of weeks will be prime time.


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