Noontootla Creek Bridge Closure At Black Ankle Creek Road

I haven’t been able to get out and get a look, but it appears that that the closed bridge over Noontootla Creek is just after you turn right on Newport Road at the end of Aska. That’s an old bridge. That’s right before Black Ankle Creek Road and Ron Jon Outfitters. This will be a considerable inconvenience to the people who live up Black Ankle, Ron Jon, and the Noontootla Creek Farms operation, which offers sporting clays and guided trout fishing.

Here’s the detour, according to Noontootla Creek Farms:

In other words, from Hwy 52 south of Ellijay, you can come over Big Creek Road (at the Dollar General) to Doublehead Gap Road, to a left on Newport to reach the range and Ron Jon.

From Morganton, you would go south on Hwy 60 and turn right on Doublehead Gap Road, just before Skeenah Creek Road turns off Hwy 60 to the left. Then you would could come through the forest service property to a right on Newport Road to reach these locations.

From the end of Aska Road, you could turn left on Newport, go over the river and turn right on Old Dial Road to Hwy 60, then right (south) on Hwy 60 to Doublehead Gap, to a right on Newport.

From the end of Aska, it might be faster to turn left at Newport, right on Old Dial, right on Silver Fox Trail (before you get to Hwy 60), right on Doublehead Gap, and right on Newport. But I doubt it would save much time.

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