No Snow Yet, Bagel Depot Open Next to Dean’s Beef, 3 Creeks Band

We haven’t had any snow yet this winter, and the snow that was predicted as possible for last night and this morning hasn’t happened. What we have instead is a steady drizzle to light rain, which hasn’t deterred the Flicker from working over the mockernut hickories next to the porch, which he’s done every morning for the last month or so. There’s maybe a stronger chance of some snow late tonight and early tomorrow, but the ground is still warm, so no travel difficulties are expected.

The Bagel Depot is open in the lower level of Hampton Square, next to Dean’s meat market. It opened last Saturday, and people all over town are kicking themselves for not going over, because the bagels were free. The owner tells me that it is a Long Island recipe, and that the bagels are boiled. I’m planning to go today, but the initial reviews have been positive, with sandwiches costing about $5. I hope this increases traffic to Dean’s meat market, because he has a terrific product. I can see his farm from our place, and watch his cattle grazing on the hillside.

We heard a pretty good band at the Blue Ridge Brewery last night called 3 Creeks. The instrumentation was acoustic guitar/vocals, vocals/tambourine, and lead guitar. Their material, at least during the first set, consisted mostly of unique takes on some of the country classics, including “Jolene,” “Copperhead Road,” and “Folsom Prison Blues.” That doesn’t give you any idea of their sound, though, which sounded a lot like Mellencamp’s heartland rock, when he has the violin going. I get nothing when I Google these guys, but I can tell you that they’re good. In fact, the lead guitarist was superb. I play a little guitar, but this guy was clean, sweet, and always in an interesting space.

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