No crystal ball but things are looking up!

It was a little more seasonably warm this weekend. We had a few drops of rain yesterday, and more is expected today. Some of the native azalea is still in bloom, and I still have a lady slipper. But most of the dogwoods are on their way out, and we’re headed into late spring. I expect the pollen to spike again on the rain, and then fade away, so it may finally be time to wash the decks this weekend.

We’ve all noticed a definite surge of buyer activity in the past few weeks, so it may be that the message has finally trickled down that we’re probably entering the last window for the best deals. I’ve misplaced the crystal ball, but it seems that the best guess is that this is finally our year of stabilization in the local market. I’ve seen a few foreclosure deals that still looked very good, if not as spectacular as some we saw a year or so ago. But it does seem that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the foreclosure inventory. I know no one is listening, but we are beginning to have some inventory shortages at certain price points, and I think it will soon be time for people who have given up on the idea of selling their house to reconsider and get back in the market. For one thing, my buyers lately have seemed much more interested in looking at resales along with the foreclosures. For a long time, my buyers actively resisted that idea, so I think there have been some definite movement in the market.

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