Nice to see some egrets

The weather has turned chilly, and it was a bit brisk for Light Up Blue Ridge. We had the first hard freeze at our place over the weekend, but it has been right around the freeze most mornings lately. It is beginning to look and feel like winter, and we’re starting to see the last of the migrating birds and wildfowl coming through. I looked out my window last Monday and was surprised to see four white egrets flying past. That’s a bit unusual, to say the least.

So long as the weather stays nice, the real estate business will continue to stay brisk for the next couple of weeks. We’ve had a nice run of cabin sales this fall, and we are beginning to see land sales pick up a little. I think the year will finish out as basically a year of stabilization and mild appreciation in the market. There are still some good foreclosures out there, but I think we are beginning to get to the end of that run.

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