New Hotel Proposals, Nordic Rye Now Made in Blue Ridge

We had a little bit of unforecasted snow or grapple late yesterday afternoon and evening. It seemed to melt as soon as it fell, and there’s none left on the ground this morning. But the Big Frog and Hemptop are covered with snow, and they’re shining in the sunlight this morning. We haven’t been able to see that far for a few days, so it’s a welcome sight.

The Blue Ridge City Council recently made some zoning changes to accommodate the developer of a proposed $7 million residential complex on the Temple Baptist Church property on West Main Street. The most critical seems to be to allow four story buildings, but there were several other changes made in response to the project.

That one seems further along than a proposal from another developer to build a hotel/residential hybrid with a rooftop restaurant and bar on the Methodist Church property, also on West Main Street. This is envisioned as an 85 unit hotel with up to a dozen residential suites that would be sold as homes, but available for short term rental by owners.

If they come to pass, these will be significant developments for Blue Ridge, but they will also change the look of downtown, and our “skyline.” The zoning changes are headed to the Planning Commission for approval.

In yet another example of the amazing diversity of businesses in Blue Ridge, there’s a Danish couple in town, Jay and Lone Hansen, who are baking authentic Nordic Rye in a location in the Blue Ridge Industrial Park off Ada Street.

It’s an extremely dense, seedy loaf, suitable for slicing thin and making sandwiches or serving with cheese or sausage.┬áThe basic recipe is supposed to be 1,200 years old. The listed ingredients are water, dark rye flour, rye kernels, all purpose flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, acid), spice, sunflower seeds, flax seed, sourdough starter (rye flour, cultures), salt, yeast, brown sugar (sugar, molasses). The current price is $5 for a two pound loaf.

The Hansens have the ability to bake up to 20,00 loaves a day, and they’re working on getting their bread into regional retail outlets. But for the moment, the only way to obtain it locally is to visit their facility. It’s best to call ahead, 706.946.8793.

Here’s a photo of the bread, both packaged and unpackaged.

Multigrain Rye Made in Blue Ridge

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