Rain, Fall in the Air, New Garbage Contract

We had about 4/10″ rain yesterday, in a slow steady way. Other areas of the county probably got more. Given that we’re now officially in a Level I drought, it was very welcome.

There’s a bit of a feeling of fall in the air. The katydids are still singing, but their numbers seem to be declining, and we’re seeing them a lot on the ground. Late on the full moon night, they were in full song, and there were more than I thought there were, but I had a bit of a feeling that it was their last hurrah for the season. The leaves are beginning to turn, or to be more accurate, the trees are changing color. The greens are not so vibrant, even among the evergreens. I doubt it will be a spectacular leaf season due to the drought, but I am beginning to see some color here and there.

The new garbage contract permits Advanced Disposal to stop recycling glass. This change is already in effect at our so-called convenience stations. I’ve been told that they don’t actually recycle anything anyway, just mix it all together and truck it to the landfill. If so, this is simply a hidden price increase. You can thank our always diligent county commissioners.



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