Much Warmer After Our “Blackberry Winter”

We have had what the locals like to call “Blackberry Winter,” with a couple days featuring freeze warnings. At least where we are, it didn’t really drop down to the freeze, but it came pretty close, and the winds were brisk and chilly.

Today, we had about 75 on the porch, after the mist burned off and the sun came out. It was a pretty delightful day, especially after the cold snap.

Most of the native azalea is gone, except in some of the higher elevations and cooler coves. I haven’t seen any laurel blooming yet. Most, if not all, of the trees are fully leafed out, and they look pretty happy with the relatively wet spring we’ve had. The blackberries seem to be doing better than they have in a long while, but I haven’t seen any set fruit yet. The lowbush blueberry undercover in our woods is higher and happier than I can remember seeing.

The poison ivy seems to like wet spring weather, and it’s shaping up to be a bumper year for that particular crop.

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