Mountain Weather New Year’s Eve

After the very cold and dry weather last week – we had temperatures to -1 and the corrupt/incompetent TVA kept making the EMCs turn the power off – it’s drizzly and about 55 on the deck.

It’s that old “mountain weather” – shifting mists, fog, and drizzle.

If you get deep enough in Thoreau’s Journals, you might start calling it “drist” – that’s drizzling mist. Or you might even say it’s “mizzling” – that’s misting and drizzling.

People don’t like it because it’s raining. But come outside and look at the colors, all the different greens and grays. That’s the southern Appalachians in their real glory.

This used to be a temperate rain forest, about thirty years ago. On a day like this, if you have any vision, maybe you can see it as it was, before the climate change.

Happy New Year! Build a fire and let the oak smoke wreath your cabin. Spring will surely come. Rejoice and be glad in it, for it is good!

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