Mountain Weather, Migration

After the great fall weather we just had, it’s bounced back rainy. Shifting mists, about 65 on the deck in the afternoon. I call it “mountain weather.”

More leaves are on the ground, and it’s beginning to look like fall in the woods. The dogwoods have turned and the hickories have started to yellow.

The migration is definitely on. We’re seeing mixed flocks of warblers come through, but in enough of a feeding frenzy that I can’t identify them. For some reason, they favor the mockernut hickory. The pignut gets very little traffic, compared, and they aren’t more than twenty feet apart.

We had a young Rose-breasted Grosbeak the other day. I believe that is a first for us in this location.

There has been a lot of toad activity, and today we encountered a beautiful young box turtle, as we called them when we were kids.

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