Mountain Weather, First Spring Rain, Merlin, Migration Starting

So we’re having what I call “mountain weather,” drifting mists, fog, and drizzle. I happen to love it, especially if we have a fire going.

I’m counting it the first spring rain, as a beautiful little thunderstorm was passing through just before we got up at 6:00. Haven’t had thunder and lightening all winter.

We had a Merlin on the wire across from Roses this morning at 8:45. Only the second one I’ve ever seen. The first was when I was on the deck and an obviously panicked songbird came dodging up the mountain with the Merlin in close pursuit. Yes, they eat other birds, such is the evolutionary wisdom that sustains us.

The snow goose was feeding on the lawn with a small flight of Canadas, on River Road yesterday, downstream of the trestle.

Judging from the Georgia rare bird report, the spring migration is just starting, both waterfowl and warblers.

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