More Rain, Local Election Shocker

Right after I said it seemed to be drying out, it rained as hard as I’ve seen it rain. We got two inches in the end, and I’ll bet it put the hurt on a lot of driveways.

The runoff election results last night were a shocker. Both local incumbents lost, Steve Stanley to Mike Cole, and Larry Joe Sosebee to Glenn Patterson. The Sosebee/Patterson results were amazing. Sosebee got 732 votes to Patterson’s 1,280. There was some grumbling in the courthouse about the results, but if the hated outsiders are finally tired of taking it from the likes of Sosebee, I say good deal. It’s well past time for a county government that represents all of us, not just some of us, and it’s well past time for people to stop complaining and vote. And by the way, the deadline to register to vote in the midterm elections is October 9, and you won’t believe how easy it is to vote absentee.

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