More on the Trout Festival on Saturday, Food Truck Alert!

The festival is this Saturday in the downtown park. On Friday night there is a High Country Boil – our version of the low country boil – at Merciers, with a silent auction of $7,000 worth of outdoor gear. That’s by advance ticket only.

The food trucks at the festival will be – Cousins Maine Lobster, Williamson Brothers BBQ, Rod’s Rocking Rolls, and Gotta Have It. I’m looking forward to trying the lobster truck, but I’m going to try it early, because you couldn’t get near it last year.

As I said, you probably think if you don’t fish, there isn’t anything for you at the festival, but that would be wrong. It’s pretty fascinating, and it opens your eyes to how important the trout industry is to Fannin County,

A lot of people don’t realize that Trout Unlimited is a conservation organization. Our chapter has a number of members who don’t even fish, including me. And a lot of people don’t realize all the good we do for conservation and other causes. So I wanted to post our most recent newsletter, which I’m doing with the chapter’s permission. I believe we are still the second largest chapter in the state, after Atlanta.

There’s lots more information on the festival here, including ticket information for the High Country Boil:

Here’s our chapter’s home page, which has general information on what we do, and why.



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