More on New BLM Chief and Why It Matters Here

Here’s a much more detailed article on the new Bureau of Land Management chief from the Washington Post. They have a pay wall, of course, but they let you read a few articles a month for free.

I realize that I’ve been posting a lot about environmental issues, and that some people, especially people in the real estate business, don’t care. That doesn’t make sense to me, because people come here for the national forest. After all, they have boutiques and brew pubs back home.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the land wars out West are really on the radar of the environmental organizations in the Southeast. They seem fully engaged in fighting the battles of the past, as in, “how should we manage the National Forests.” It doesn’t seem to occur to them that the question today is, “should we have public land.” Trust me, if these creeps win out West, we’ll be hearing from them very soon.

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