Might as well be Summer

We’ve arrived at what I consider summer. I’ve heard that May 5th is the first date where it is definitely safe to plant here, so that’s when I try to get my tomatoes in. The mountain laurel (not the rhododendron) has been in bloom for about a week, and there are still a few flame azalea here and there. The Chuck-will’s-widow is back. We hear a number of them calling to each other every night. The bluejays are also back, something I’m a little less enthusiastic about. For the past few nights, when we’ve been sitting and watching it get dark, we’ve heard a couple of bullfrogs calling as well.

I got an email from the Georgia DNR the other day, offering a signup for various email alerts. If you go to GeorgiaWildlife.com and click on the red icon, it will take you to a menu of choices for an amazing variety of subjects, including coastal matters, historic sites, and non-game wildlife. I’ve been a little surprised at the number of these I’ve received in the past week or so, as well as by their variety and quality. I’ve gotten alerts on coastal beach advisories, a notice of the first loggerhead turtle nesting on Cumberland, a mid-season turkey report, birding news, invitations to wildflower walks, black bear news, and so forth. So far, it seems to be well worthwhile, and you can change you preferences or discontinue service at any time.

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