Light Up Blue Ridge Today

It’s been unseasonably warm, with temperatures up in the sixties in the afternoon. It’s not that unusual for Thanksgiving, but it is a marked contrast with the past two years, where we seemed to skip fall and slam right into winter. There’s still some color in the woods, especially up in Tennessee, but that may change with all the rain that’s forecast for next week.

The full moon was November 25th, and it’s been especially beautiful, with the moon shining like a searchlight at night and beautiful sunrises in the morning.

Light Up Blue Ridge is today. See the previous post for the various events. It’s about 9:30, and there are a lot of vendors already set up in the park. It won’t be easy to find a parking space, so remember that you can park at city hall and at the free lot that’s at the end of main street, down by the feed store. There’s also a lot of parking in the vicinity of the courthouse, and across the tracks from the courthouse and further down East Main in the residential district.

For all you devotees of the Delano Community Market, today is the last day of the market until spring. We were there yesterday, and they still had quite a bit of stock. Among other things, we bought a bushel of butternuts for $10 and a peck of turnips for $5.



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