Leaves Mostly Fallen

We’ve had a wonderful run of warm afternoons, following on some rather cold weather for this time of year. Mornings have started off around the freeze and ended up somewhere in the high sixties, making ideal porch sitting weather.

The deer have been foraging for acorns in the yard, and it’s good to know that they still have those for food. Georgia’s endless deer season finally ends on January 9th, except for an extended archery season in certain counties south of us.

Most of the leaves that are going to fall have fallen, although as usual, the white oaks are holding their leaves. (The beech also hold their leaves, but most of our beech are on the small side, with some notable exceptions.) So there’s definitely and unfortunately no longer any excuse for not blowing them – they’ll only get harder to deal with as they get wet and start to rot down.

The weekend forecast is for rain – and it’s already starting to drizzle a bit – so it’s a good time to get some firewood in and plan a few rainy day kitchen projects.

Best wishes to everyone for a good holiday!

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