Stop the McCaysville Bypass, Labor Day Barbecue, Fall Migration Begins

We’ve had a few sprinkles of rain since my last report, but no measurable quantity. And, it’s been beastly hot and humid, at least by our standards. Today feels a little less hot and humid, which I certainly hope is a trend.

The surveying has begun for the Hwy 5 expansion into five lanes. The first phase takes that to Epworth. The second phase is allegedly not decided on, but the leading proposal calls for a bypass near Grandview and one or two crossings of Fightingtown Creek. Needless to say, this is a poor idea, if only because it will kill nearly every business in McCaysville and Copperhill and divert what little tourism the sister cities have been able to attract from the rafters on the Ocoee to Blue Ridge. If there are any merchants in these two cities who do not oppose this proposal, I think we can count them hopeless.

Considering the obvious environmental concerns on one of our finest trout streams, it’s worth noting that one of the unique features of this project is that it is all state money, so there’s no NEPA process at all, and thus no Environmental Impact Statement. Just start the bulldozers!

There is an organization offering an alternative, and they’re on Facebook as Stop the McCaysville Bypass. You’ll have to scroll down to find it, but there’s a letter to the editor in the Fannin Sentinel that I think makes their case simply and effectively.;

The fall songbird migration has begun. We’re hoping to be included in a Georgia ForestWatch bird walk on the 10th, so I should have a better idea what’s happening after that. Our particular area is not awfully typical, but we have seen a few migrants coming through.

The 36th Annual Labor Day Barbecue is Monday, September 5, in the downtown Blue Ridge park. I’ve sensed a lot less enthusiasm for this event this year, because the Good Samaritans have been so intransigent in refusing to consider any different location in the park, which had been proposed in a general redevelopment of the park. But it does bring everyone out – including the old boys – and I’ll be going as usual, I suppose.

The menu, as usual is ribs, $15; Chicken $10, and Pork Sandwich, $9. There will be some groups offering bluegrass and gospel, so it isn’t a bad idea to bring a lawn chair. Rain or shine, 11:30 until food runs out.

Community Worship at 6:00 Sunday, followed by an Ice Cream Social. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson after the Baptist walkout following the decision to let a woman preach a few years ago. Calling Dr. Johnson! Depend on it, Sir …. Round here, “ecumenical” means more than one Baptist church is involved.




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