July 15 Candidate Forum ETC TV 3 at 7:00 PM – Stan Helton & Jamie Hensley

Here’s an early notice for a candidate forum to take place on July 15 on ETC TV 3 at 7:00 PM. Stan Helton and Jamie Hensley are the contenders in the Republican Runoff for Fannin County Chairman. As the Democrats have not fielded a candidate, this is the election for County Chairman.

Jamie Hensley is the owner of Circuit World, out on Hwy 5 near the road that goes to the Fannin County Park. But what’s causing tongues to wag around town is that his wife is Sheriff Dane Kirby’s assistant. I’ve heard “Dane is trying to take over the county” a number of times recently. I suppose the implication is that Dane will be the “power behind the throne” if Hensley is elected.

I believe the current commission has tried to reduce nepotism – I think Bubba Johnson was quoted as saying, “We don’t need generations of the same family working in the courthouse” or words to that effect – but it’s been a way of life in Fannin County for a long time. Twenty years ago, when the deed room was in that tiny space in the back of the first floor of the courthouse, there were two or three gals working back there that I flat couldn’t tell apart. Maybe they had to be family to get along working in a space that size, but my impression is that there’s definitely been a “courthouse dynasty,” and I suppose there always is, in a town like ours.

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