Indian Summer, Storm Aftermath, Thanks To Mary Ann Conner and Chuck Cook of the Election Office

We’re having some beautiful Indian Summer like weather, and the forecast is for it to hold through Monday, with highs around 70 and lows in the 50s. There are still a lot of green leaves on the trees, but most of the color has faded.

I never saw anything quite like the tropical storm we had last week. My truck looked like you’d sprayed it with a mixture of mud, pine needles, and leaves. There were trees down all over Fannin and Gilmer counties, and probably other counties in the storm’s path. There were widespread power outages, and I believe the city of Blue Ridge was without power at least through Saturday.

Voting went smoothly in Fannin County, and results were posted the same day, thanks to the efforts of Mary Ann Conner, our Election Supervisor/Registrar and Chuck Cook our Registrar/Clerk. These two people are full-time county employees. They are assisted by two people chosen from each party who, along with Mary Ann, form the Election Board. There are also many volunteer poll workers and poll watchers needed to hold an election. All these people deserve our thanks, but Chuck and Mary Ann have been working six or seven days a week for months, and their dedication has been extraordinary.

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