Indian summer is over for now

Indian summer is over for now, with the weather turning much colder over the weekend. This morning’s temperature was forty, with a chilly wind. Most of the leaf color seems to have faded in our part of the county, with the exception of the bright yellows from the hickories and the dark reds of the sourwoods.

The big local news is that Walmart is confirmed to be coming to the Home Depot shopping center. The store will have approximately the square footage of the Blairsville store – one of the smaller Supercenters – but will be modeled more on the Ellijay store in terms of inventory and merchandising.

The Halloween festivities are planned for downtown Blue Ridge Wednesday night. This has become something of a major event, with both children and adults dressing up and having fun downtown. I’ve been surprised by how many people it draws, and I expect that if the weather is halfway decent, that there will be more than ever this year.

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