Important Message From Fannin Chairman Stan Helton

Please read to the end of the message. The most important things are at the end.

“Hey Clyde – this is our weekly EMA/EMS report. Shows emergency data ( this is public and goes out to media ).  This is thru the 28th only, 3 days into our Emergency order. The number of phone calls are high but the actual responses ( Paramedics/ambulances, and Deputy calls ) are down significantly, which is a good thing right now. Too early to reach any conclusions but seems to indicate that people are staying put and a reduction in visitors from outside the county. The transfers are way down, these are transfers from Fannin Regional to other hospitals, Erlanger, Northside, etc. This is also helpful as the transfers are a strain on Paramedics. If they are out of town, it is one less crew to respond locally.

M1 = Blue Ridge station

M3 = Aska Road

M4 = McCaysville

M11 = Morganton

These are our 24/7 fully staffed EMS/Fire Station in the county.

Another subject – the Atlanta media and some Facebook “ experts “ are fanning  (*pun intended ) the flames of “Us vs. Them” mentality. “Us” are Fannin residents. And “them” are 2nd home owners from Atlanta or other areas. Every interview and communication from my office has been an appeal to non-residents to use Ethical Intelligence when deciding to visit Fannin County. There are 5,000 2nd homes here that includes 1,600 cabin rentals. This would be an additional 25,000 people ( 5 to each home ) in a county of 25,000 full time citizens. The potential to spread the Covid – 19 into our county is a GREAT concern. I understand and value individual property rights but the individual HEALTH & SAFETY rights of Fannin citizens supersedes all concerns.

My appeal to non-residents has been that if you had the flu, then you would not want anyone, particularly family visiting. You still love them, it simply to protect both parties. This Emergency order is the same thing – – – – only with the house being the Fannin limits. Just like the previous example, when the health issue subsides – – – you welcome them back with open arms !

Hope you are well – please don’t hesitate if I can give you any information that helps !

RGDS – Stan H.”

Here’s the report:

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