Important Elections Tomorrow

The weather has cooled a little bit, which I hope keeps up for a few days. It has been generally dry, although some areas of the county have had a little rain. We had a very light shower at our place a few days ago, but we’re really back to needing some rain.

The primary election is tomorrow. I said a little about it a few columns ago, but I want to say again that it is a very important election for Fannin County. There have been retirements in the office of Tax Commissioner and Probate Judge of people who have served in these positions for a long time. There is a good chance that the people elected to fill these positions will also be in office for a long time. The most closely watched races are for Sheriff and District Attorney. As I’ve said before, the Republican Primary is essentially the election here, because it is almost impossible for a Democrat or Independent to be elected in this area, especially in a general election year. So, if you have a preference for any of these offices, you will want to get out and vote. See my July 10 column for more details.

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