Heavy Rain And Weekend Outlook

We had a beautiful old fashioned thunderstorm early yesterday evening. I say “old fashioned” because when I first came here thirty years ago, it often rained very hard in a late afternoon thunderstorm pattern. I used to say, “Its fun to come up and watch it rain. For about a day and a half.” There was a rain earlier in the year that was probably harder, but we weren’t home for it. (I assume it was harder because it did more road damage.) But it hasn’t rained as hard as it did yesterday for some time.

The weather station at Merciers reported 1.58 inches of rain yesterday and a total of 45.41 year to date. I believe last year’s total was 71.47, very close to what we consider normal for a year. I could not find a total for January 1 to August 11, 2020.

The weekend outlook looks forward to more rain, with heavy rain forecast for Sunday.

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