Heat Wave! Music News & Wildlife Doings

It’s been unseasonably warm by our standards, although that’s not really the right word, because it seldom gets this hot even in August. But it’s hot, and the humidity is also high. It’s supposed to cool off into more seasonal temperatures next week, but this week we’ve seen temperatures up to 86 on our porch and approaching 95 in town. For us, that’s warm. (After living in Tucson one summer, I’ll never call anything else hot.)

Yesterday, after a long day in the car, I saw two small fawns, still with their spots, crossing the road not far from home. I would have said it was a little late in the season for newborns, but these two couldn’t have weighed more than 15 pounds. The other day, we saw the famous “broken wing” routine from mom turkey, trying to protect her chicks from our dog, who probably would have been taken in, except that she was on a leash. The other two wildlife thrills recently have been seeing the resident peregrine falcon chase a huge red tailed hawk from his territory – our yard – and hearing the katydids begin to sing.

The chamber music series continues with “Across the Pond” at the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church, 322 West Main St. in downtown Blue Ridge, Friday June 27 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. “Festival favorites Jana Young, soprano and Marina Radiushina, piano present an incredible evening of song, including beautiful settings of Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Robert Louis Stevenson; with music from Purcell to Vaughn Williams and Gilbert and Sullivan. 305-878-1985.”

Up in Ducktown, it’s time for Miner’s Homecoming weekend. “Miners Homecoming is an annual event presented by the City of Ducktown along with others. It combines traditional 4th of July activities with events honoring the heritage of copper mining and the related industries. The venues shift around the town throughout the two days. These range from music, parades, games, reunions and fireworks. Food is available from local organizations and vendors over the two days. For more information, call 423-496-3546.”



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