Grapple, My Email Problems, Black Sheep Moonshine

It’s spitting a tiny bit of grapple, but the ground is still a little warm, so I’m not sure if we’ll have anything like the predicted weather event today. But chances are the higher roads will be slick tonight after freeze up.

My email problems continue, with TDS Telecom continuing to fail to deliver my email to my smartphone. So I can only check email on my computer. If you need me, please send a text or call.

Our great part-time neighbor took us to dinner the other night, which is always a good time. We went to the Black Sheep, where Steve Oyer, the owner, showed us his new house moonshine. As far as I know, this is another first for Blue Ridge. Whether that’s your thing or not, moonshine is definitely indigenous to our area, so it’s appropriate that the first house brand spirit in town is moonshine. (I listened to a very interesting conversation the other day between a retired sheriff’s deputy and another local resident about where they used to buy theirs.) Steve said he went to some trouble to get exactly the taste that he wanted, and it did taste authentic. If I understood correctly, all he has now is the blanco, but he’s planning to offer peach, apple, blackberry, and perhaps a few other flavors.

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