Geminid Meteor Show Peaks Sunday Into Monday

The Geminids peak this weekend, with the period from midnight Sunday into early morning Monday supposed to be the best. If the sky clears. If it doesn’t, there will still be some activity for the next few days. There’s no specific place to watch, except that they appear to be coming from Gemini, if you can identify that constellation.

In one of the articles I read, I found this link to a cool light pollution site (despite some annoying advertising).

We’re still pretty dark, despite the energetic efforts of our billboard operators, who refuse to stop using upward pointing lights and our county officials, who have “better things to do” than enforce our light ordinance. I’ll also give a call to our Chamber of Commerce, which have been reluctant to recognize this as a tourism issue.

The darkest place I can think of locally to watch the stars is Buck Bald, just across the county line from Polk County into Monroe County, Tennessee, off Hwy 68.

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