Free Hemlock Clinic, Hellbenders!

If you’ve got that white stuff on your hemlocks, or if they are looking sick, grey, and tired, you need the hemlock clinic. It’s free. And it’s a whole lot cheaper to treat them than to cut them down, not to mention the effect on your property values. Here’s the flyer:

Saturday, Aug. 29 Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, 152 Orvin Lance Rd., Blue Ridge 10 a.m. Hemlock Help Clinic – You’re invited to attend a presentation by Save Georgia’s Hemlocks for information on what’s killing our hemlocks, what can be done to save them, and why it’s so important to do so. 11:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Facilitator Training Workshop – For complete how-to instruction and in-depth volunteer training, please stay for this workshop covering the trees, the bugs, assessing infestations, cultural controls, chemical treatments, biological controls, cost and safety, assisting property owners, and working on public lands, as well as hands-on demonstration and practice. Both classes are FREE, but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For registration and other details, email or call 404-895-3940.

The DNR has posted some more cool videos of hellbenders, busting some moves! These are the huge – up to two feet – aquatic salamanders.When young, they have external gills. They’re a “canary in the mines” for water quality, because they require pristine streams. They’re basically harmless, but people confuse them with gila monsters, which are dangerous. Hellbenders can bite if they’re really annoyed, but they’re not poisonous. Basically, they get a bum rap. Here’s the link:


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