Forest Service On Old Growth Forests Plan

Here’s a Forest Service statement on Biden’s Old Growth Forest initiative, received by email today:

Today, the USDA Forest Service published the final mature and old growth threat analysis report that addresses the durability, distribution, and redundancy of mature and old-growth forests considering threats like wildfire, insects, disease and changing climate. It also provides information for climate-informed stewardship of these forests. 

The final report supersedes an introductory threat analysis report that was published in January 2024.  

The threat analysis report is in response to Executive Order 14072Strengthening the Nation’s Forests, Communities, and Local Economies issued by President Biden on April 22, 2022, that required the agency to define, inventory and analyze threats to mature and old-growth forests on federal land. The executive order also directed the agency to provide policy recommendations related to the land management and changing climates.  

The threat analysis is also in response to a June 2022 memorandum from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack directing the agency to take bold actions to restore forests, improve resilience, and address the climate crisis.   

Findings from the threat analysis were used to inform work on the proposed National Old Growth Amendment which was announced on Dec. 20, 2023. The proposed amendment seeks to amend all national forest land management plans to conserve and steward old-growth forest conditions and recruit future old-growth conditions in light of increasing threats due to rapidly changing climate conditions. Information on public meetings will be shared on the National Old Growth Amendment website.  

The threat analysis and the proposed national old-growth amendment are part of an overarching climate-informed strategy to increase forest resiliency to wildfires, combat climate-related impacts and help retain carbon. This and subsequent work on old-growth and mature forests supports the Wildfire Crisis Strategy

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