For Sellers

It’s no secret that we’ve been experiencing a buyer’s market and that there has been a significant price correction nationwide. While the cabin market has recovered to a certain extent, especially at the lower price points, land is still lagging far behind the cabin market. Needless to say, in a market like this, price is the most important factor that drives showings and sales.

You may be thinking that what you need to do is find a really dynamic agent who sells a lot of property who can corral a buyer and steer him to your property. Unfortunately, that model is out of date. The reality is that up to 95% of the business today is generated by the Internet, with the buyers identifying properties that they want to see from the comfort of home. That means that they don’t walk into the office and say “what do you have available?” So, we don’t get a chance to pitch our listings to them. If we do, they quickly conclude that we don’t have their best interests at heart and go somewhere else. The reality of the situation is that these days, we almost never sell our own listings, and many of us don’t want to, because of the conflict of interest and liability it creates.

In this changed situation, what should you be looking for in a listing agent? The most important thing is to choose an agency with a strong Internet presence, since Internet exposure is what drives sales. The agent should also have a strong personal presence on the web. For residential properties, professional photography is a must. Finally, the agent should provide honest pricing advice and be willing to update you frequently on progress, by notifying you immediately when there has been a showing and providing regular updates on virtual tour views.

Here’s a current snapshot of our Internet presence. We expose our listings on,, (our company site), Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia,, and over forty other sites. See the graphic below for more details.

Internet Syndication 2014 Graphic

All this syndication costs real money, but we believe it is essential to give your property the widest possible exposure on the Internet. Before you choose a listing office, I would encourage you to review their program compared to ours. If it doesn’t measure up, the implications are obvious.

In addition, we are one of the few local companies who belong to FMLS in Atlanta. This allows us to market our properties to the Atlanta agents, few of whom belong to our local MLS. We believe this is a real advantage to our sellers.

I pledge to give you honest advice and frequent updates on showings and inquiries.