First Really Warm Day, Spring Firsts

It was close to 80 on the porch today.

We saw the first hummingbird (gone too fast to identify), the first dragonfly (ditto), the first Fence Lizard, the first Black Wasp, and maybe a Mourning Cloak.

Last night we heard the first Chucks-Wills-Widow. Here’s the call, which could be confused with the Whip-poorwill. I’ve wondered for a while if the Chucks drive the Whips out, because I used to have Whips, but now all I hear are the Chucks.

Other butterflies that have been here are Tiger Swallowtails and Hairslips. I haven’t seen the first Red Spotted Purple, unless that’s the butterfly I thought might be a Mourning Cloak.

Ferns are happy, crab apples are getting ready to bloom. There should be some good wildflowers this weekend. Dogwoods are starting to happen.

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