First Native Azalea In Bloom

I’ve seen the first Flame Azalea – the orange ones – in bloom in our neighborhood. There are some that our neighbors planted that have been in bloom for a week or so, but this was the first I’ve seen in the woods. I’m not sure yet, but it may not be a great year for them, for whatever reason.

That pretty much concludes my reports on the progress of spring. We’ve reached what I call “high spring,” and there isn’t much left to come except the laurel and the rhododendrons.

Most of the dogwoods are still in bloom. The redbuds are long gone, and the crab apples are fading pretty badly.

The porch temperature reached 80 for the first time yesterday, and there’s a haze of pollen visible in the distance. The forecast is for rain toward the end of the week, which may provide a little temporary relief from the pollen.

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