Fire & Ice, Buckner Brothers Band Again

It was cold for Fire & Ice, but not anywhere near as cold as last year. It was well attended as always, and folks seemed to be having a good time. I missed most of the results of the judging, but I did hear that Chester’s took first and the Brewery took second in the professional category. Faith Presbyterian took first in the non-profit category.

I was sitting in my office pulling the dread floor duty when the music started. After about eight bars, I realized it was the Buckner Brothers and went outside to see if their reed player, Carle Vickers, was there. It turns out that he was on tour, I think with Sinbad. But his spot was covered superbly by Tim Crump on tenor sax. I believe John Buckner said that he was now with the Atlanta Symphony, and I see that he has played with the Chattanooga Symphony. He’s also in the Clibber Jones ensemble, a group I haven’t had an opportunity to hear. I don’t know how those guys can play so well when it’s so cold, but they did a wonderful job of warming up the festival with four great sets.

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