Fannin Chairman Stan Helton Clarifies Emergency Order Extension

There was some confusion yesterday when Nixle reported that Fannin County had extended it’s Emergency Order until May 13, the shortly afterwards issued a correction saying it was only extended to April 30.

This morning, I emailed Stan to ask why it wasn’t extended to May 13, which is when I thought the Governor’s order ended.

Here’s Stan’s answer:

“Hey Clyde – the Governor’s Emergency Order including  “shelter in place & vacation rental restrictions” were extended thru April 30th. We extended Fannin County Emergency Order to coincide with the same date to reduce confusion.

The Governor’s emergency powers were extended to May 13th – but NOT his Emergency Order.  We didn’t know until a few minutes before our Teleconference what the specifics were on Governor’s Emergency Order extension.

Clear as mud – – – eh ?  Stan”

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