Fannin Chairman Stan Helton Announces Call In Meeting Tonight, How to Listen In, No Public Comment Option Yet

Clyde – we are having a Special called meeting by Teleconference this evening at 5pm. Instructions on calling in are on the agenda.  Will vote on extending the Fannin Emergency Ordinance to coincide with Gov. Kemp’s time frame of May 13th.

If we have to do this again, I’ll come up with a way to include Public commentary.  Everyone will be muted except Commissioners and a few others.

No problem with you posting – it’s Public info

So I see they are going to approve another couple of variances (sigh). And then most probably extend the shelter in place order until May 13, to jibe up with the Governor’s order. There are several options for listening in, but no public comment available for this meeting. Stan says he’ll figure out how to include that if there’s another call in meeting. For those of you who may not have used “Go To Meeting” you do need to install the app first, which is quick and easy. Then you just dial the number and a star. You may be prompted to state your name. We use it for the Board meetings of one of the do-gooding groups I’m involved with, and it works. See the bottom of the attachment for the number.

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