Fall Weekend Coming

We were on the edge of a thunderstorm in Tennessee yesterday evening, and got maybe 1/8″ of rain. When we went out on the porch for coffee this morning it was 52, with a beautiful day dawning. The mist in the valley mostly obscured the ridge but the oaks on top were showing a little rusty color.

We watered yesterday, as it has been dry for over a week. Anyone north of Mineral Bluff probably got more rain than we did, but we definitely didn’t get enough to make up for the dry weather. September is usually our driest month, and while the first week of September was wet, it has been mostly dry since.

There’s some small threat of rain on Sunday and Monday morning, but we should have some beautiful fall weather this weekend, with lows in the low 50s and highs in the 70s. There has been a nice breeze most afternoons as well.

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