Fall Weather, Real Estate Outlook, Labor Day Barbecue is Today

It’s been cooler in the mornings, starting about 55 on the porch. Some leaves have started to fall, and as I look over toward Dividing Ridge, some of the oaks have started to turn. In other words, it’s beginning to feel a bit like fall. I think most folks are a bit apprehensive about what the winter holds in store this year, given all the rain we had during the summer. But … it’s always anyone’s guess.

The Labor Day Barbecue is today in the downtown Blue Ridge park, starting at 11:30 and running until the food runs out or 6:00. Here’s the description from the Methodist Church website:

“Your dinner plates include all the fixins – baked beans, bread, no-mayo pepper slaw, pickles PLUS iced tea AND homemade brownie or pound cake and crisp Mercier’s apple for dessert! The price is the same as last year and based on your choice of entrées: St. Louis Style Pork Ribs ($13), a half chicken ($10) or a pulled pork sandwich ($9). Whole chickens or racks of ribs may be available with prices to be determined by market cost as well as limited quantity of our signature barbecue sauce bottled for folks to take home.”

In terms of the real estate outlook for the fall selling season, I can give it in a nutshell. We still don’t have enough good cabin inventory, and I expect most of the really good inventory to go fairly early in the season. So my advice is, if you are ready to buy, try to get up in September or early October for a look.

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