Fall Leaf Report

We probably have about as much color as we are going to get. It’s quite beautiful when the afternoon sun is starting to go down and the sun is shining through the yellow and golds of the hickories and red maples, with the sourwood adding some red notes. Most of the oaks have turned, but not brilliantly. Most of the leaves are still on the trees.

I had to be in Corbin, Kentucky yesterday, and I can report that the leaves are very brilliant from the Kentucky/Tennessee line down toward Knoxville on I-75. They may be as colorful as I’ve ever seen in the south. There’s a rest area just over the Kentucky line, which you might need after a three or so hour drive, supposing you want to make it. You wouldn’t have to go quite that far, though. You might explore some of the natural areas up that way. The colors are not as brilliant as you begin to come down out of the mountains into Caryville. The route would be TN 68 to 75, then bypass Knoxville on 640 to 75 north.

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