Election Is Tomorrow, Seal Salamander, Idiot Floridians

Tomorrow is election day. There’s in-person voting at the precincts tommorow 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM. If you go to our Secretary of State website, on My Voter page, you’ll see your precinct.

I saw a seal salamander yesterday, the first salamander I’ve seen here in 30 years. If you have it in the budget, Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia is a great book, by Jenson, Camp, Gibbons, and Elliott. Carlos Camp’s essay on the seal salamander notes that while it hangs around creeks – that’s about a half mile and 500 feet below us – they invade the forest in wet years. That would be us, this year. So named because they stand up on their front legs like a seal, rather like a fence lizard (that’s my observation).

So the idiot Floridians are coming up in droves, and – of course – refusing to wear face masks. If you’re coming up to your cabin, be ready to deal with them. They’ve taken Georgia to #1 in surge of cases, according to the Washington Post. Go morons!

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