Dogwoods Remain, Azaleas Starting

We’ve had some beautiful spring days lately. Some have started off near the freeze, but this morning, it’s 55 on the deck. Some of the dogwoods seem to be fading a bit, but there are still plenty in full bloom. The native azalea – the orange ones – are just starting. I’ve seen one or two in bloom in places where they seem to come early. The rhododendron seems to be budding out nicely.

The woodpecker show is continuing in the mockernut in front of the porch, and I continue to get fleeting glimpses of the warblers as they come and go. Pretty soon, the trees will be leafed out to the extent that it will be hard to even get a glimpse of them. The pollen is beginning to be noticeable on the truck windshield and on the deck.

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