Dogwood Update

It looks like thunderstorms today, but Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be beautiful. There are a few dogwoods in full bloom, with most of them still on the way. I imagine the dogwood window will be the next two weeks – or perhaps a little longer, depending on the weather.┬áMost of the sarvis is already gone.

It’s getting to be high spring. The trees are beginning to leaf out, and the temperature was almost 80 on the porch yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, the pollen is starting to show on the cars. We’re seeing lots of roadside wildflowers, and we’re hoping to get out soon to check one of our favorite spots for spring flowers.

We’ve finally seen the first Mourning Cloaks, and the Tiger Swallowtails have been floating around in the afternoon. Our Peregrine Falcon has found a mate, and we have a male Red-bellied Woodpecker who is actively seeking one. I think we’ve seen all five of our most common woodpeckers, the Piliated, Red-Bellied, Downy, Hairy, and the Sapsucker. There are some warblers coming through – please don’t ask me to identify them – and the other evening, a wood duck flew past the cabin. The Carolina Wren is building a nest in her usual spot under the porch overhang, and we’ve seen quite a few Nuthatches. We’ve heard the Chuck-wills-Widow calling in the very early morning.



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