Dixie Dock Dogs Challenge

The weather has turned a little warmer and drier. It’s too early to tell if we are entering a dry period after all the rain, but there isn’t any in the forecast for the next few days. The evenings have been beautiful, with lingering sunsets and many night noises. The katydids are still not singing consistently at night, but you can hear them gathering strength and tuning up a bit in the late afternoon and early evening.

There isn’t much wild excitement in town this weekend. But there is an event for dog lovers, the Dixie Dock Dogs Cohutta Blue Ridge Challenge. This is taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Cohutta Country Store, which is on the four lane just past the first traffic light as you come from Atlanta. That is, a little past June Walker Chevrolet on the opposite side of the road. This is a dock diving event with various classes and competitions. For more information, call Cohutta Country Store at 706.632.6366.

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