Cooler Weather, Eclipse Doings

We’re having a bit of an unseasonably cool spell, with morning temperatures around 60, and some breezy cool afternoons. It’s been a little drier, too, which is also welcome.

The eclipse on the 21st is being celebrated in McCaysville.

2017 Total Eclipse Street Party, 100 Blue Ridge Dr., McCaysville
Enjoy music and vendors in McCaysville from 12:00 – 3:30 p.m. while you await the big show… the solar eclipse! Partial phase begins at 1:04 with totality starting at 2:34! The eclipse will last 1 minute and 34 seconds!

There doesn’t seem to be a public event in Blue Ridge. The closest thing I see is a “raft up” on the lake:

Where are you going to be when the lights go out in Georgia? Lake Blue Ridge Civic Association invites you to raft-up on Lake Blue Ridge to view the total eclipse! This is a free event. Contact the Lake Blue Ridge Civic Association for details.
(770) 855-7378

There are a number of commercial events, including an outfit offering boat tours on the lake and an event at the Grumpy Old Men brewery. You can find a list here:

Blairsville is promoting the eclipse, as is Franklin, NC. In fact, I was surprised to see that the Franklin Chamber of Commerce included their brochure as an insert in the News Observer this week. Everyone has noticed the billboards around Blue Ridge promoting Blairsville, and it appears that now Franklin has decided to try to draw from Blue Ridge. In the case of the eclipse, it serves us right, because the Fannin Chamber has never shown the slightest appreciation for the fact that our (relatively) dark skies are a tourist attraction, in contrast to some of the surrounding areas.




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