Colder, But Beautiful; Blue Ridge Station Under Development; Waterfall Driving Tour

It’s bounced back cold. We had about 30 on the porch this morning. It didn’t seem as cold as yesterday, because yesterday we had a very strong wind, which dried things out considerably, at least up on top. The full moon was Friday night but not all the clouds had blown off, so it was somewhat obscured. Last night, it was like a searchlight down in the woods. The mornings are always beautiful when the sun is rising as the moon is going down, which requires a full moon, or one that is nearly full. I always try to be up for it, as the colors are somehow different than they are for a normal sunrise as the colors shift and change with the differences in light.

They’ve started site work on the old Temple Baptist site on West Main. There’s a sign there now with an architectural rendering of the project, which is apparently not a hotel, but downtown living with mixed use retail on the lower floor. The site work is taking place in the lot on the courthouse side of Messer Street. For the time being, the larger lot on the other side is leased to the city for parking at $5 a car.

My friend Doug Faber sent me a link to a driving tour of north Georgia waterfalls that begins and ends with Amicalola Falls. There’s some advertising on this link, but I thought I would pass it on because the photographs are quite well done.

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