Cold? You Bet!

It’s no secret that it’s cold. The lowest we’ve seen on the porch is 7, but a friend who is over by the Toccoa tailrace had 5 the other morning. This morning, it was about 12 on the porch, and there was a killer wind starting to blow. There’s also been a faint grapple or light snow off and on this morning. There was a burst water main in McCaysville yesterday, with the attendant ice in the road. Freezing rain is predicted for Sunday night and Monday morning, but that’s far enough away that I hope the forecast changes. Needless to say, it would be a good idea to get up and check your cabin when the weather eases. As I’ve said before, the likely place for a pipe freeze is the upstairs bath, especially if the shower, vanity, or toilet is against an outside wall. You can help yourself some by opening up the shower curtain and the doors on the vanity.

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