Blues & Barbecue, Oktoberfest, Apple Fest

It’s been a little cooler lately, and the air has been a little lighter and drier. There’s a definite feeling of fall in the air, and we’ve been having a lot of those beautiful early fall days that just make you glad to be alive and seeing it. The sky is taking on its deeper fall color, and a few leaves are falling here and there. I haven’t seen much color change in the trees, but I imagine it won’t be too long before they begin to turn.

I missed the first two bands at the Blues & Barbecue Festival, but William Morganfield, the headliner, was a big hit. He is Muddy Waters’ son, and I can report that he sounds a lot like his father. The best band I heard all weekend, though, was the Buckner Brothers Band. They played a free concert at the Depot the Friday night before the festival, after being on the train. They have a sax player with them now by the name of Carle Vickers, who is simply superb. I’m told they will be playing the Whistlestop Friday and Saturday, October 11th & 12th. The promoter of the Depot event was Rob Kaser, who has been bringing some outstanding acts to Blue Ridge. I was very impressed with the production, with all the details worked out perfectly, including a beer tent that wasn’t located in Siberia.

Oktoberfest has started in Helen. It runs Thursday – Sunday until October, when it runs daily. It is promoted as being the longest running Oktoberfest in the world (for number of days it is open).

The fall festival season is starting. On October 5-6, there are three: The Cherry Log Fall Festival, the John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival, and the Indian Summer Festival at the Woody Gap School in Suches.
The Cherry Log Festival also runs October 12-13 as does the Sorghum Festival in Blairsville.

Fall Arts in the Park is scheduled for October 12-13 in the downtown Blue Ridge Park.

The Ellijay Apple Festival is October 13-14 and 19-20. The Cherry Log Festival also runs October 19-20, as does the Fall Hoedown in Blairsville.
Nationally known bluegrass act Dailey & Vincent is playing the Performing Arts Center at the High School on October 5.

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