Blue Ridge Golf & River Club Forclosure.. tsk tsk

We had a beautiful, cool morning after a mostly rainy day yesterday. We got an inch of rain at our place, and while we really needed it, it most of it came all at once and wrecked the driveway. I’m hoping that the upside will be that all the pollen that has been blowing around is now headed down the river.

We’ve had an indigo bunting at our place for the past few days. That’s a bit of a thrill, because we don’t get them often.

Picking in the Park has resumed Thursday evenings at Horseshoe Bend Park, starting at 6:00 PM. I didn’t get to it, but I understand it was very well attended and that the music was good.

The News Observer carried five pages of foreclosure notices on Tuesday, including the Blue Ridge Golf & River Club. That one is a shame, because the developers had experience, expertise, and a successful track record. The development plan was well thought out, and the golf course was beautifully designed. The are a lot of people upset with the developers, but I blame the bank for pulling the plug when there really wasn’t much left to do to complete the course and begin play. In any case, it is too bad for Fannin County, because it would have put us on a completely new level in terms of developments and amenities.

The bad news from the lake is that the lake will not reach full pool this year. It is currently about 14 feet below full pool, and many people cannot get their docks in. The TVA has announced that they are going to hold that level through July, at which time they will undoubtedly begin their festive “winter draw down.” In a nutshell, the project to reinforce the dam – which is in reality just a pile of dirt – by adding stone to it has apparently resulted in what is described as a “surface crack.” While I would never accuse the TVA of dissembling, they first said that it wasn’t much, just a little crack and some movement in a retaining wall. Some of the more gullible people in town – including some who should have known better – swallowed that one hook, line, and sinker. Now it develops that the small generator and its feeder tube were damaged, which affects their ability to release water normally. That in turn raises concerns about water temperatures in the tailrace and trout mortality. By all accounts, the dam is being monitored closely, and is safe. The issue of trout mortality is being monitored, and we all hope for the best on that front. All of this has led to some unscheduled releases from the dam, so please be cautious if you are fishing or wading the river. As soon as you see that the water is beginning to rise, get out as soon as possible. It comes up pretty fast.

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