Beautiful Fall Weather Into The Weekend, Copperhead Movement

After about a week of rain, we’re having some beautiful fall weather. It was 48 on the deck this morning, and it’s 56 at 1:00 PM. There’s a fairly brisk breeze blowing, resulting in a beautiful, crisp fall day. We’d get a day like this every once in a while in the fall at my old theological school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On these days, my old dean used to say, “This is a typical New England day, of which there are three a year.”

There’s a bit of an afternoon warming trend as the week goes on, but the forecast basically is the same for the morning, so if you are coming up this weekend, bring some warm clothes for sitting on the deck. I envy you guys who have a fireplace on the porch!

Most of the dogwoods have turned their rusty color, and there’s some browning in the leaves as I look over toward Dividing Ridge. But no real fall color yet. It’s acting like an early fall, so stay tuned.

Just a reminder that this is the time of year when the snakes start to move, looking for a place to den up for the winter. That would be your woodpile, any holes in a cross tie wall, or – oddly – an electrical transformer. If it bounces back warm, be a little cautious, especially at night.

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